FAB new Video: ‘Jesus Is Coming’ Fokn Bois ft Wusuwaah

Wanlov and Mensa, aka FOKN Bois, have done it again! The controversial duo who enjoy ruffling feathers just as much as making good music offer their latest video for the song ‘Jesus is Coming’ featuring Wusuwaah off their FOKN Wit Ewe album.

“FOKN Bois have repented & are now born against. FOKN now stands for For Our King Now. We wish to raise Jesus above the heavens,” is how the duo introduce their video on their official YouTube channel.

As is often the case with FOKN Bois songs and visuals, some will be outraged and some will be entertained by this video created by FOKN Bois & Sam Matton and produced by Daniele “MEZ” Zipin – a ‘black’ comedy featuring Mensa as Jesus in his second coming telling his fans all about how he sold his Bible to get a mobile phone, his doomed attempt at learning Azonto in heaven and who may or may not be winning Brazil 2014 World Cup and Wanlov as Judas conspiring with church leaders to get rid of him and passages from the Holy Book.

As we said before, be warned, some feathers may be ruffled while those who appreciate a good joke will adore the simplicity of the humour.

Check it out:



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