Right from the moment President Barack Obama – the then senator – made his intentions known about contesting for the post of presidency, the idea was met with mixed emotional reactions from across America. Throughout the rigorous campaign programs and processes, Obama emerged the 44th president of the United States, defeating his opponent, John McCain. America was shocked, in disbelief, indifferent and overjoyed as the first ever African American resumed office to govern the nation as its president.

Not many envisaged a Black man winning, let alone one of deeply rooted African descent. The Kenyan-American citizen was the epitome of strength and the American dream; the courage to dare to dream the impossible. Obama did dream and ensured that that dream became reality despite intense opposition. That man, in one fearfully mighty sweep, worked his way to the seat he fought so hard, night and day for amidst discouraging chants of “Obama Osama” (from an opposing crowd,) nearing the time of his appointment; despite attempts to end that Black life, that one man continued till he reached his goal – or at least began the journey towards it. Obama believed in his dream and pursued it to reality. America saw reasons and began to believe in the man who would inspire drastically positive changes in the economy.

For the man who captured the hearts of many and proved himself worthy of the job, fit to lead in a whole new, different era and chart the course of Black American history, of American history; America was willing to give that man a chance.

Obama held the hopes of Americans high on the promise of an improved economy. Many still hope on the fulfillment of that promise today. Even though it is almost impossible for one man – during the whole length of his tenure – to completely fulfill that promise, Obama has over the years, made significant progress in that direction.

Four years later, this same man stands again to contest as president of the great nation that helped lend credence to his political voice. The results of the heated presidential debate held yesterday, October 3rd, 2012 revealed Obama’s opponent and Republican nominee, Mitt Romney as having an upper hand in the overall outcome of the discussions on moving the economy forward on healthcare, tax, federal budget platforms amidst . This man who moved from ‘likely to win’ to ‘expected to win’ in opinions appears unperturbed, and set to take center stage. Will Obama conquer again? Will the baton be passed unto the opponent, Romney? These and many more questions are what the results of the elections hold, come November, 2012.



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