FAB Lookbook: Eki Orleans Spring/Summer 2013 ‘Butterflies’

Nigerian designer Hazel Aggy-Orleans brings us butterflies with her new Eki Orleans Spring/Summer 2013 collection ‘Butterflies’.

“This latest collection is thoughtfully named ‘Butterflies’ as I returned to nature for inspiration. During the creation stage for this collection, I found inspiration in the beauty of butterflies. It was on my last trip to Mauritius, where I encountered a flutter of beautiful butterflies and was instantly mesmerised.

It is the soft innocence and gracefulness of these species that I tried to capture in my SS13 collection. We used a lot of white fabrics to showcase the purity, against the vivid orange and fuchsia colours, which for me, beautifully portrays the energy that is brought to us through the wisdom of these delicate creatures. We often forget what changes they have gone through to blossom to that beauty and I wanted to create pieces that were pure and angelic.’ The feeling of love can be associated with a butterfly. Hold it too close, and you risk crushing its delicate structure. Loosen your grip and it could fly away. We have tried to capture this delicate feature by creating pieces, which drape off the body, evoking a sensuality found in every woman,” Orleans says of this brand new collection.

With sheer layers, colourful prints, delicate silhouttes, ‘Butterflies’ captures the fleeting, frail essence of butterflies.

Emelie Stenman – Model
Karen Salandy – make up and hair
Robert Smith – Photographer

For more information visit: http://www.ekiorleans.com/



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