Fashion is so restless! There’s no definite starting point and no end to it. It’s ever evolving with styles that come and go and others that are here to stay; and with this often comes the confusion of what to be a traveling clothing item in and out of your wardrobe and what should actually stay. So I came up with this list of fashion statement pieces I think no girl should be without. I hope you find it helpful.


The Little Black Dress

Yes, it’s the first on the list and it’s staying so. The LBD might seem a little overrated but this piece is here to stay.  It’s important to avoid ones with so much embellishment or your version will be limited to be worn for very less than a few event types. You want to be able to wear your LBD for more than one occasion (not every outing of your life, PLEASE!). So think about it; excess blings will just over-do it. The advantage of the LBD is it works with every body type – as long as you’re in your size. It can serve different purposes from party essential to indispensable office material – depending on how you pull off the look.

Just in case you never were a fan of the LBD (and I wonder why), get a dress; a wrap dress or something. Every girl should at least, have a dress.

Tip: Find one you can dress up or down in. Also note that black is a color you can wear every other color over.

Where to look: Check out the Jewel by Lisa designs. She’s got really amazing pieces. Also Michael Kors, H&M or Oscar de la Renta have interesting designs in stock.

A Pencil Skirt

This piece is a classic; works for everyone from the twenty-something to the middle-aged and even the restless teenage girl. Whatever your fashion resolves, you’ll find one – and in a color you’ll absolutely fall in love with. The good thing is you’re not limited to dark or drab colors as against popular opinion. Put a little spin to it and you’re good to go so much so you’re killing that board meeting.

Tip: The pencil skirt gives you a grown and calculated look. And if you think you don’t have the curves in all the right places, you’ll be shocked you’re so wrong. This skirt will bring out the best shape in you. This is you in this skirt.

Where to look: There’s a whole lot of African designers who have great skirts for you.


If you are tired of all the regular heels and stilettos you’ve stocked your closet with and are looking for something, hip, you ought to try a colorful pump. Get a different color asides your everyday collection that always come in much darker hues. I think every girl should have a wickedly stylish pump. And not only in black.

Tip: Get it in a five inch size or above. This one’s for keeps – your once-in-a-while accessory. And start practicing how to walk in them.

Where to look: Mizzy B. I’m tempted to say she’s got every design and type ever.

A pair of comfortable jeans

Apart from being an all-time favorite, jeans have become the new trend that double as your casual and semi-corporate wears. You should get one that is right for your body.

Tip: Blazers over your jeans give you the ‘it’ look.

Where to look: Deola Sagoe has really cute ones.



A Classy time piece

Your ‘classy’ time piece need not be all that flashy. You need one either as a tool or fashion statement. Whatever your reasons, your wrists shouldn’t be left bare – at least most of the time.

Tip: You don’t need bulky ones; just one that sits well on your wrists.

Where to look: Polo outlets in Lagos, Nigeria. They’ll give you one to suit your personality.

Black Pants

Before you turn down this next ‘black offer’ on my list, read on a little. Jeans are not the only fashion piece that can help you be in vogue. Pants are back in and selfishly stylish. Don’t deny yourself the right to be more style-conscious; get a black pant.

Tip: Stretchy, full-length pants look better and accentuate your figure. Always.

Where to look: Everywhere. They’re almost the most common clothing item you can find.

A pair of sunglasses

This one’s a big fashion statement piece. I love almost every color. Almost every. But I’m sort of attached to the pink and purple ones. I know Michael Kors and Gucci have appealing designs but right now, Ray Ban rocks for me. If you feel you have to get a neutral color, why not? Go right ahead! But whatever you do, don’t put this off the list. You need, need a pair of sunglasses – and adorable ones at that.

Tip: Please don’t go wearing your sunglasses indoors.

Where to look: Your favorite stores for Ray Ban collection.

A great scent

It’s often said that you are defined by your scent. It’s not enough to smell fresh (although some scents give you that – which isn’t exactly improper). Go beyond fresh and select a distinctive scent that defines you; that is you. Don’t be afraid to try really different ones that define you as mild, cozy, warm, friendly, pizazz, happy or wild .

Tip: Keep it really down. ‘Suffocating’ people with your cologne isn’t the new way to be sexy, especially if your choice is really strong.

Where to look: Your cologne store for Tara by Tara Durotoye, Asabi by Nike Oshinowo or any one of Mariah Carey’s collection or at Macys.com.


You can’t be in heels all your life and feel exactly comfortable. See yourself in beautiful flats. Yes, they’ll look great on you. They always do. Be versatile. There’s a wide range of collection to choose from.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to try out the most daring colors.

Where to look: Mobos, Lagos, Nigeria.


Not every girl is a fan, I know. I have tom-boys as friends so I understand. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a piece of jewelry. Not one. It could be your prized earrings, studs, trinkets or rings. Or even bracelets. I love bracelets. They make my wrists have an assertive mind of their own.

Tip: Never over accessorize. You’ll look like a clown, trust me.

Where to look: for Kate Bosworth’s Jewelmint collections, preferably the blazing chain bracelet in pink. You’ll be happy to feel like a girl in this.

A polo shirt

I know you’re a lady but you shouldn’t feel so ‘girly’ all of the time. Sometimes you want to be different or put on another character that isn’t you. The polo shirt is it. If you’ve run out of ideas or you just want to give a flimsy excuse why you shouldn’t have it, here are one two reasons you should get that polo.

A polo is something you can wear to the movies (not the movie premiere) over your jean. Or think about going to pick the kids or going for a walk. Try it, it’ll be fun.

Tip: Yes, you intend to be in a polo but still be fashionable. And don’t go wearing the largest size on sale. Your clothing should boost your confidence, not hide it.

Where to look: See the Deola Sagoe collection. They are exciting.

A statement handbag

Whether or not you are a fan, I strongly advice you get one, because anyways, you are a lady. If you think you shouldn’t, look for all the excuses why you have to go out with a lovely bag – like a place to put in all your makeup, your diary, and you’re going to buy a CD on your way back home. You have too many reasons; get that bag!

Tip: Large bags are in vogue now but you don’t have to get one you’ll have to drag along especially if you are petite.

Where to look: Mobos



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