FAB News: Stephanie Okereke Launches Blog – ‘Stephanie Daily’

Nollywood  top act, Stephanie Okereke – Linus  has added to her efforts as she just launched her blog called “Stephanie Daily!” The blog poses an opportunity “Talk To Steph”, a blend of fashion, beauty, inspiration, gist,  crisp pictures, giveaways for fans, and Stephanie’s umph.  According to Stephanie,

“It’s my own personal space for me to interact with the wonderful fans I have been blessed with. It’s called Stephanie Daily for a reason – that means, everyday there’s something new to talk about.

So now there’s an actual platform that draws me closer to the people who believe in what I do.”


Go get your daily dose of Stephanie at stephaniedaily.com


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One Response to FAB News: Stephanie Okereke Launches Blog – ‘Stephanie Daily’

  1. Michelle Spice says:

    You go girl!

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