FAB Beauty: Makeup Rules For Every Woman

Whether you prefer to go au naturelle or you are a make-up kind of girl, you will benefit from reading this. Every woman needs makeup at one point in her life, although different women use this tool for different reasons __ some to highlight their assets while others to completely transform themselves.

Today I will be sharing a few makeup rules for beginners and for makeup lovers alike.


RULE NUMBER 1: Get the right tools

It is very important that you invest in the right makeup tools like sponges, brushes, applicators etc. in order to get the maximum effect from each application. Also, be sure to buy good quality tools, your face will thank you for it.

RULE NUMBER 2: Opt for long lasting options

Save yourself the hassle of constantly re-applying your makeup by opting for long lasting brands of lipstick, foundation, mascara and powder. Modern cosmetic advancements has created easier access to long lasting brands.

RULE NUMBER 3: Never sleep with your makeup on

Should I even be telling you this? Of course you must never sleep with your makeup on, allow your skin to breathe, no matter how tired you are or how little makeup you have on never forget to wash your face thoroughly before you go to bed.

RULE NUMBER 4: Use proper lighting

Your makeup should be applied in an area that is similarly lit with where you will be, for instance, if you apply your make up in a dimly lit room and where you are headed will be brightly lit then there is the possibility that your makeup will come out looking garish and over caked.


RULE NUMBER 5: Focus on your finest asset

To get the best look, highlight your finest feature and then use light cosmetic support for the rest of your face. If for example your eyes are your best feature, do smoky eyes or highlight with black liner and then use nude lipstick of light gloss for your lips.


RULE NUMBER 6: Don’t forget your blush

We often focus on just our lips and eyes and neglect the rest of face especially our cheeks. Sparing use of a subtle blush will help to further highlight your eyes and lips and more importantly your cheekbones. Be sure to use the right shade of blush for your complexion.

RULE NUMBER 7: Get professional advice

If you are still baffled with the numerous tips and how to get the right makeup for your skin then get professional help. A cosmetologist can easily examine your skin and suggest the right products that will best suit your skin. You can also get new makeup ideas and techniques from a makeup pro.

Follow these rules and look FAB!



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  1. Michelle Spice says:

    Are these people losing their freaking minds! These women looks horrible!!!!

    I would never put that crap on my beautiful chocolate skin….

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