FAB Relationships: Where are all the Good Men?

Ok, before you think this is a bashing session, think again! Hehe. Quite the contrary actually, I want to first of all give a shout out to all the good men out there and those of you reading this (including you!). It can’t be easy for you guys. Women don’t think you exist. When you show up, they think you are too good to be true, like what’s the catch? They generalize and categorize you in the “all men are bad” discussions. It must hurt. Then there’s the “nice guys finish last” syndrome. Some guys are at the point where they think they have to become a “bad boy” to win a woman over. This is so sad. Some good men have been burned. They did all the nice things that they knew to do, only for the woman to break their heart.


Now, my only concern is WHERE ARE ALL THESE GOOD MEN though? Why are you hiding? Why have you given up? I was chatting with a friend this evening on BB after I put up a very interesting quote on my status and she was saying that she’s waiting for her non-Nigerian hubby cos she thinks they are more sincere. What’s happening? Has it become so bad that the bad boys are out-shining (well, not really “shining” but you get it) the good guys?

I declare, let the good men arise and be counted. I know you’re out there!

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One Response to FAB Relationships: Where are all the Good Men?

  1. Michelle Spice says:

    If you’re a good woman, a good man will presents himself!

    Remember the laws of attractions is still in play and haven’t changed…

    Please stand up.

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