FAB Culture: Sagging – the die-hard fashion statement

Sagging, as its called has fast become a popular culture amongst youths, the world over. Originally a behavioral trait from prison (I don’t know how you do that; how you want to live imprisoned by all means), this form of fashion expression that prisoners lived with was later popularized by hip hop acts from the 1990s and many a fan have adopted the fashion sense. The prisoners would have their belts and shoe strings withheld so they wouldn’t eventually become violent tools for killing, fighting or suicide missions. Sagging was also used as a means of expressing their sexual status – gay prisoners used this suggestive style wave to indicate their sexual stance – that they were gay.

When these inmates got out of prison, it appeared their style got out with them as sagging became more appealing to the Black community.

While many consider this seemingly harmless trend as pure acts of rebellion and disregard for society, saggers only think of a way of expression, a way to be free, a right to life and living. Now sagging has fast become the hip culture, not just prevailent amongst hip hop acts but the norm. Anti-sagging organizations have within the best of their abilities, tried to stop this growing fashion but it appears to be here to stay way longer than we think.

Is it annoying that Hip hop stars have taken on the trend?

Apart from the fact that sagging wasn’t initially intended to be a big fashion statement, I still think of it as just one very silly way of showing off your butt and/or underpants especially when you’ve had that underwear onFA the whole year – well, I wouldn’t know! Or maybe dirty underwear is the new fashion statement, I still wouldn’t know. But one thing I know for sure, it’s a big turn-off plus your sexually-inspired intentions are ruined.

Saggers mostly feel the need to draw attention to themselves

Okay, I’ll just say this in one sentence: Could you please add a little class to your style habits? It does the whole world lots of good and makes certain moments in life less disgusting – don’t ask me which ones.


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2 Responses to FAB Culture: Sagging – the die-hard fashion statement

  1. Michelle Spice says:

    Sagging pants is not cute but disgusting! It is the homosexual prison block culture…

    Black men have made it famous and stylish, I wonder why?

    This pants sagging syndrome runs deeper than we think!

    Thank God my son think its disgusting and unmanly..

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