FAB New Sound: Adele Gives Birth to a Baby Boy!

The sound of music – or apparently, the sound of Adele‘s music – might not be the only thing we will be hearing from the eight-time Grammy winner’s circle. There’s new sound on board -Adele’s baby boy’s! The singer is so elated about this. Now her disappearance from the spotlight can be justified.

Covering Vogue’s March issue

The 24 year old singer who got lucky to record Skyfall for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall confides that her next album, which she’s working on, will be a little toned down on the hurt and will reflect the abundance of her new status – far from the breakup message that characterized her 21 album. The singer, stressing the point, told Vogue when she covered its March issue, “I am never writing a breakup record again“. Well, good for her. Adele is as much in love with boyfriend Simon Konecki as he is with her.

Doesn’t she look cute trying to hide her baby bump?

Well, we saw it! And that’s boyfriend, Simon Konecki. Quite the couple!


Someone Like You‘s Adele‘s true story before Simon Konecki. Watch the video and we dare you not to cry!


See the songstress in Rolling in the Deep

Listen to Skyfall

The child is her first but second for her boyfriend who has a 5 year old daughter with ex-wife, Clary Fisher . Well Adele‘s anxious to be a wife and mother as she and Konecki (38) will be walking down the aisle soon.

Wish her luck!



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