FAB Trend: The Head Wrap

The head wrap has garnered ratings in the books of trending fashionistas! Fabulous scarves are on rampage, believe it or not. Looking for a bold and daring trend? The scarf is all that you need to spice up your wardrobe.

Bring your head wrap to life with your imagination, accessories and outfit. They are definitely head turners, so be prepared to have people staring at you left right and centre.

They are a real life saver when your hair is a hot mess, and you don’t have enough time to put it together.

There are a variety of styles you can try with your scarf. Your hair can be completely tied into the scarf or you leave your hair out and tie the scarf in the Bohemian style.

But for the truly African look your whole hair is usually covered.

I especially love the scarf tied forward as in the picture below because it’s so unique and just brings a statement piece into your outfit!

For more pizzazz, use a head scarf that has a bold colour and patterns.

Religion and culture  may have introduced the head wrap, but fashion gives you the opportunity to do it stylishly. So give the head wrap a try!

Stand out as a fashionably liberated woman in your head wrap.


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2 Responses to FAB Trend: The Head Wrap

  1. Michelle Spice says:

    Love these head wraps but not on the non afrikan women…

  2. yeah... whatever says:

    I look like that almost everytime I go to the salon and I think that will be the only time. This is just a bad hair day look some lazy person (like me) is trying to pass as a fashion trend :D

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