FAB Entertainment: EVIL Recorded the Argument Between Dr. Sid and DavidO Over D’banj

Good Old days: D’banj, Don Jazzy and Dr. Sid at a press conference announcing their signing with Kanye West, June 2011

The news about Dr. Sid and DavidO‘s argument over D’banj has not only gone viral but many seem to suspect the Dami Duro  crooner (DavidO) of being the one who got the argument on tape and sent it to press.

DavidO and his crew had stopped by Dr. Sid’s (who was in South Africa for a show) hotel from their Botswana concert and while the music stars were having a good time,their conversation drifted towards former co-owner of Mo’Hits record label, D’banj turning into an almost heated argument. Dr. Sid, with an upset tone insisted that D’banj was the reason his star wasn’t shinning as much as he would have loved it to. He accused the renowned artist of ‘overshadowing’ him. Even though DavidO, surprisingly took sides with D’banj, offering that he is the reason they are blown and known at least to this extent. His friend obviously infuriated wasn’t having any of that. He restlessly in the leaked recording stated that ‘D’banj has done ‘more negative than positive for my career’. Isn’t it surprising that Sid has got bad blood for D’banj, the same person who got him on his formal label. Word has it that both artists haven’t always been on good terms. So is this Sid‘s long awaited opportunity to air his deep-rooted views about his supposed rival to a confidant? No one knows.

About a confidant, it was almost concluded that DavidO recorded that conversation (which was 2 weeks before now) but no knows who got it out to the media. Reliable sources however, counter this. It has been revealed that EVIL, one of D’banj‘s P.A and long time friend of Dr. Sid was behind the act.

What this automatically implies is that Dr. Sid is indirectly saying Don Jazzy, CEO of the record label he’s signed unto, MARVIN Records isn’t able to hold the brand together and due to financial problems too. But can this be true, seeing that Don Jazzy earlier donated millions to charity causes?


Watch the video Pop Something from Dr. Sid ft. D’banj.

There shouldn’t be bad blood between them, don’t you think. They look good together – and in a collaborated video.

Don Jazzy has decided to keep sealed lips about this – at least for now. We only hope it’s because he’s working to get acts on his brand to see the bigger picture instead of concentrating their efforts on trivial issues.


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