Yes, it’s true! This year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature is Chinese writer, Mo Yan (originally Guan Moye). The award was given as a result of the writer’s prolific skills in merging fantasy with reality and infusing history, folk tales and the contemporary.

The writer who came from a humble home (his parents were farmers) and whose cultural experiences span Agriculture, Literature and the army has other previous works: his novel Hong gaoliang jiazu (1987) in English, meaning Red Sorghum (1993), was successfully filmed in 1987 and directed by famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou.

Mo Yan (meaning, ‘Don’t speak’) has published other short stories and essays asides his novels and is considered a pioneering contemporary author – one out of many from his homeland.

The Nobel Prize in Literature is given to the author with ‘the most outstanding work in an ideal direction’. It is one of the five categories of the Nobel Prizes. The other groupings include the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, all established according will of Swedish dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel in 1895.

Watch out for the award ceremony that will be held on December 10 where the winner will be rewarded with a cash prize of 8 million Swedish Kronor (about 1 million U.S. dollars), a medal and personal diploma.

Watch the video; watch the win!


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