FAB Events: Expressions of Accra “Threads of Time” to Hit Accra soon

Citi Fm a Ghanaian Radio station as part of its corporate social responsibility programme is organising Expressions of Accra, themed ‘Threads of Time’. Proceeds from the show would be used to support the Citi FM Foundation as it puts up a Skills and Training Centre for over a hundred orphans in Tortor, a village near Suhum in the Eastern Region.

‘Expressions of Accra – Threads of Time’ is a fashion show that seeks to, through the use of local fabric and prints, tell the story of Accra in its past, its present and even venture into the future. Recognising Accra as an ever evolving centre of urbanization, this fashion show seeks to capture its high points through the very artistic medium of fashion. ‘Expressions of Accra’ is not simply a trip into the good old days. It is about the good old days, the present, and most excitingly, an attempt to envision what fashion in Accra would look like in the future, say in 2050.

Threads of Time – The hands of Time are forever moving towards an indistinct future, in the process, pushing lives and societies into states of evolution and recurrent change. The alive and bustling city of Accra is not exempt to this evolution. In the swift passage of time and events, there is one important medium that captures it all:

Fashion – Fashion is, arguably, the most expressive medium of a people’s past, present and future. Fashion encapsulates the totality of human life. It captures most accurately all moods of the times.

Expressions of Accra (Threads of Time) stands out from all other fashion shows in that it goes beyond the runway, taking its audience on a journey into a rich past to forge ways into an obscure future. It would capitalise on artistic expression of various forms to ensure that the audience is placed in a time capsule, an environment quite stimulating to the senses: Paintings, music, stage design and artwork, spoken word, and so much more. Expressions of Accra is a wholesome package of fashion, not for commerciality, but as a powerful fusion of history and art.

Capitalizing on exploring young talent and expression, with an inclusion of seasoned designers, designers scheduled to grace the runway are Jacqui Johnson Couture Solutions, Afro Mod Trends, Msimps, Aya Morrison, Kabengo, Sa4a, Elikem The Tailor, Fanny Ann Clothing, BATH Industries, DS clothing.

The event

This program is supported by GTP NuStyle, Ghana Commercial Bank, and the Weekend Globe. Media Partners are ETV, Agoo, B&FT, Daily Guide and Weekend Finder



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