FAB Style: The No Jewellery Look

Sometimes people do not get why a sensible fashionista would leave her house without any jewellery, forgetting it could be intentional! Yeah! You have reached the peak of style when you do not need to dress the conventional way or arm yourself with the ‘requisite accessories’ to look exquisite. Someone once said that a woman could look sexy in a potato sack, providing she has her confidence. That’s the basic requirement to rock the no jewellery look:confidence

The no jewellery look is ‘thinking outside the box’ fashion! Fashion is so mental, it’s a phenomenon, and it calls for reinventing oneself to stay ahead as a true fashionista. Need a new look for an outing? Wear no jewelry and stun the world with confidence in your awesome dress. Deola Sagoe is an expert in this area, and her models carry it on beautifully.


Celebs such as Beyonce have attempted this look, leaving their fans guessing for the next fashionable thing up their sleeves.

This look can be pulled without make up as Tracy Ifeachor does, or with make up like Beyonce and Sagoe do.

It could be accompanied with a quiet fierceness like Deola Sagoe, or with a not-so-wide smile. It is also important that your dress stands out. This look definitely brings out the amazon woman in you. The no jewellery statement is definitely fearless fashion!



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