At some point or the other it is likely that you have fallen in love with a particular smell and wanted to make it your signature smell. But maybe down the line you fell in love with yet another scent that you simply could not resist and so now you have two signature smells…and on and on.

According to, there are basically 8 tips that can help you to narrow down your different lovely perfumes and help you pick a signature scent.

Read the tips below:

Know what you like. When you have to ask yourself too many times if you love something, you probably don’t. When you truly love the smell or taste of something, you usually know straight away. However, she admits you can also grow to love certain smells, so do keep an open mind.

Read up on perfumery. Try to get familiar with different ingredients and sample the ones that really resonate with you. Specialty stores often invite customers to sniff dozens of scents and compile their own unique fragrance, while expert perfumers stand by to point out which notes pair well together.

Be discerning where you shop. To find a scent off the beaten path, head to specialty perfume shops, which carry a wider selection of more unusual perfumes. Avoid duty-free carts at all costs; which are known for hawking widely manufactured name-brand scents.

Look for a scent compatible with your other products. Try using products with natural aromas, such as lavender or citrus, that won’t clash with your perfume. Unscented soap is also an option.

Have fun with it. Perfume is like fashion. You might love something that isn’t you in every situation…but in the right moment, it’s just the thing to boost your mood and confidence.

Be careful how much you apply. You can be much more liberal when applying botanical fragrances, as they are less overbearing. But with synthetic scents, tread lightly.

Spritz throughout the day. If you have a long day ahead of you, pack a small atomizer so can refresh as needed.

Prevent fragrance fatigue. Even If you do think you’ve found your signature, it’s important to break up your nose’s perception by wearing something different, or skipping perfume altogether, once or twice a week. This will keep the scent smelling fresh to you and keep you from burning out on your new favourite scent.

Credit: Beautylish

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