Nigeria is 54 today and we have indeed come a long way judging from when we were granted independence on October 1, 1960. The country has been faced with several challenges that could tear us apart BUT we have survived it all. From Biafra, Civil war, militants, Boko haram and even EBOLA.

Nigeria is blessed and is supposed to be a land flowing with milk and honey but probably mismanagement has placed us in this current situation. We are indeed different people with different culture and languages but our strength lies in the ability to UNITE.

In past times and even recent times, some people blessed with vocals have been able to come up and we call them Artists. They have in their own indigenous languages lent their voices in the campaign towards rebuilding Nigeria. It is only common for us to listen to these songs from time to time. We present to you 8 of these wonderful songs that you can help but enjoy listening to this independence:

The way forward- King Sunny Ade
This track was composed by some Nigerian artist led by King Sunny Ade in 1993. It was recorded in Yoruba, English, Igbo, Hausa and even Pidgin English. This song is a reminder that in the midst of ethnic and religious uprisings, we should bury the hatchets and move forward.

Peace song- Onyeka Owenu
Onyeka Owenu’s lyrics always convey a message and her peace song is such that can just set you in the right mood this independence. So don’t hesitate to enjoy the song this independence.

Zombie- Fela Kuti
Fela was an unrepentant critic of Nigerian music and the Government. This song satirized the military government of the time and also got Fela into some trouble BUT it became popular throughout Africa. 17years after people still talk about him and they sure want to hear this song again and again.

Motherland- Sound Sultan
And the song goes ‘no matter where you go, make you no forget your area oh’ it’s like a direct message to those in diaspora that Nigeria is the only true home. Very inspiring

Seun Rere- Christy Essien Igbokwe
She was known as the lady of songs. She put Nigeria’s name on the world music map with this evergreen track seun rere. You definitely need to put this on a repeat this independence.

E go better- Tony Tetuila
This song was released back then in 2006 and it used to receive massive airplay. The lyric is on another level. If this song is not on your playlist then I advise that you add it now.

Millennium- Oliver De Coque
He was known as the king of highlife music and he really rocked back then. Yes you can rock your independence day listening to this track. It was done in his own indigenous language.

Great Nation- Timi Dakolo
With such great vocals, Timi reminds us that there is hope for Nigeria if we unite and come as one. You just have to listen to this song this independence.

We believe we have all it takes to bring about a better Nigeria. Though we have been through hell but we are breaking the shell of disillusion. God bless the green and white nation. Enjoy your independence.

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