In celebration of Rihanna’s sizzling V Magazine shoot which sees the chameleon queen dress up for the poolside in bikini bottoms and fur coats, we decided to take a look at Bajan bae’s hottest topless magazine covers to date. The V Magazine editorial is of course not the first time the “Four Five Seconds” singer has taken her kit off but what fascinates The Navy and us is each time she gives us a peek of side boob or tan lines, she seems to do it in a different look.

Check out Rihanna’s hottest topless covers to date and let us know your favourite.



GQ – December 2009

It was only a few years after Good Girl had gone bad but that’s all it took. In December 2011, Rihanna gave us side shaven honey locks with a side serving of side and under boobage on the cover of GQ.


Vogue US – April 2011

In April 2011, with her first and highly anticipated US Vogue cover, Rihanna showed how to do classy sexy with red locks and a sheer dress. Granted, she is not topless, but she is most certainly bra-less and flashing her cleavage which is good enough for us.



Esquire – November 2011

It took the singer another two years to muster the courage to go full monty posing nude for the American Esquire. She teased the readers with side boobs once again, cleverly covered up with bronzed limbs and a few leaves that added to her sexy siren allure.



Esquire – July 2012

Barely seven months after, it was the UK reader’s turn to be at the receiving end of Riri’s striptease. Esquire UK cover saw her rocking caramel rocks and statement jewellery as she eyed the camera seductively, serving some more side boob.


GQ – December 2012

End of another year only meant another semi-clad Rihanna cover. This time Riri once posed in her birthday suit, her hoo-ha covered by her immaculately manicured hands and her boobs with a leather jacket carelessly throw on her shoulders blogger-style. There was still side boobage though! The tease!


GQ – December 2013

Rihanna turned Medusa with creepy contacts in her eyes and snakes for hair, and somehow managed to give us major hotness as she elegantly covered her shapely breasts with her arms.


032c – December 2013

This may be a dark, moody, Gothic cover, but as a black jacket clad, raven haired Riri lifted her head up for the lens, she didn’t fail to flash a little flesh in the shape of – yeah, you guessed it, side boobage.


Lui – May 2014 

Finally, after five years of teasing, in April 2014, Riri went all out for the French Magazine, side boob, under boob, areola and nipples and all and got a ban for Instagram which caused much furore and fury as well as the #freethenipple movement.

Riri, we salute you!


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