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8 Biggest Fashion Risks On The Red Carpet Of 2014 Emmy Awards

August 201465

Every time there is an award show we are always eager to see what the celebrities will wear (or more like who they will wear). The 2014 Emmy Awards was definitely not a disappointment in that regard as there were tons of gorgeously dressed ladies and gentlemen and they put their best foot forward on the red carpet.

There were, however, a few people who had us scratching our heads and wondering what they were thinking. While some people tried a few looks that were absolutely wrong, some other tried looks that were fashion risks but made them stand out on the red carpet.

Take a look at our pick of the 8 biggest fashion risks on the red carpet of the 2014 Emmy Awards:

Kerry Washington August 201453 August 201454

While Kerry Washington is usually a goddess on the red carpet and on screen as the lead actress in TV series Scandal, the new mum had us double-thinking her lovely Prada outfit because of what looked like sequin shorts underneath. Kerry, you should have left the shorts at home or had the slit of your dress tailored to your satisfaction.

Laura Prepon August 201455 August 201456

We love Laura’s character on Netflix series Orange Is The New Black but her outfit for the 2014 Emmy Awards sorta reminded us of why we never take our mothers to red carpet events. There was too much going on with the dress, and while we love that lovely shade against her skin, all the other extra additions could have been left alone.

Lena Dunham August 201452

Lena is always looking to make a statement with her body or with fashion so we do not exactly blame her for this fashion mishap. We blame her stylist who let her leave home with a shirt tucked into tiers and tiers of ruffles – And to think this is Giambattista Valli too, oh Lena!

Sarah Paulson August 201457

Sarah Paulson’s dress was gorgeous and it is one of the risks taken on the red carpet at the 2014 Emmy Awards that we actually agree with. Even though it looks to be sprouting wings everywhere, the dress looks gorgeous on her. It was a perfect blend of goth and glam.

Gwen Stefani August 201463 August 201464

To be honest Gwen Stefani’s outfit looks more like something Rita Ora will wear – metallic, shimmery, cutouts – and we are especially unhappy because Gwen killed it on the red carpet for the MTV VMAs held on Sunday. We guess you can’t win every time.

Michelle Dockery August 201458

Seeing as Michelle Dockery is styled by the same person who styles Lupita Nyong’o (the red carpet queen) we don’t understand why something seems off. We love the pop of colour on her flowy Rosie Assoulin halter gown but it seems like such a risk for a red carpet look.

Kate Mara August 201461 August 201462

Kate Mara has not disappointed us on the red carpet yet and for this we are thankful. Even though there seemed to be a lot going on with her white J. Mendel dress – embellished neckline, uneven hem, cut-out – Kate Mara pulls off the look and we certainly are glad she took the risk.

Teyonah Paris August 201459 August 201460

Teyonah Paris was not afraid to put on more colours to light up the red carpet and we love the outcome of her outfit. She brightened up the red carpet big time in a bright yellow and pink striped gown.



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