Friendship is one of the toughest relationships to keep as it is even harder to keep a friend than a boyfriend/ girlfriend. You have to be extra careful before choosing your friend because anyone you call your friend should be able to reflect your character, People would see you through that person and society would judge you based on that persons character. Remember that Birds of the same feather flocks together.

Best friends are the ones who comforts you in times of trials, they support you through every pain and you can depend on them  and also trust them with all your resources. Here are some ways to know if someone is truly your bestfriend

1. They Feel Your Pain

When someone or something poses a threat at you, it almost seems like they are referring to your best friend and they take it upon themselves to make that pain go away. A best friend feels every pain you go through (not literally though). With them you do not have to feel the pain alone because you have someone to back you up.

2. They Provide Help In Times Of Need

Your best friend is that person that you tell your problems to with the assurance that it would be solved. They would even lend you money when they know you might not be able to pay back soon as long as it helps solve a problem. At all times when a need arises, your best friend is that person  who stands by you.


3. They Will Cross Oceans Just For You

By crossing the Ocean, we do not mean it in the literal terms because nobody will do that for you and we are sure you can’t do that for anyone too. A best friend would travel miles across oceans just to see you. Distance for them is never a barrier as long as it is to help and support you. So anyone who tells you ” I can’t come to your place because it’s too far” is obviously not your best friend.

4. They Are Trustworthy

In this very crazy and unfair world that we live in , it is very difficult to tell the difference between good people and bad people because some people would show you love as long as they stand to gain something from you. When its your best friend, they don’t need to pretend to like you just  to gain from you. That one person that you can trust in all situations is your best friend . They would never leave you struggling on your own

5. They will Avoid Fighting You

Friends fight with each other but best friends are the ones who settle. It is human nature to piss each other off but at this time, your best friend would avoid a fight with you in every possible way. Your best friend would never start a war. They would rather fight for you than fight with you.

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6. They Share Resources

There is always love in sharing and only someone who really is your friend would understand the concept behind this. Friends are like dependent nations  and you are supposed to depend on each other . What is yours is mine. Best friends can share food, cloths and other resources because they care about each others well being and it is in their nature to share with you.

If you have someone you call a best friend and she/he does not do half of these things for you, then you may want to have a rethink of what name to actually call that person.

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