Relationships are one of the hardest things in Life but they can also be super cool, beautiful, smooth and without any complications. When a relationship goes wrong, it brings along so much pain, more than your heart can even hold BUT there are some basic rules and very valuable lessons you can learn and apply to your relationship to make it stress free.

Check out some of these tips that can help you survive when it comes to love:

  • Learn To Love Yourself


First thing you need to know is how to love yourself because nobody would ever love you better than you. Self-love ties into your self-confidence. When you are confident, you can easily make decisions based out of love and kindness rather than fear and anxiety. Accept yourself the way you are, knowing that you will never be perfect.

  • Learn To Trust Without Attaching Strings


Trusting people is also one hell of a difficult task. You need to learn to trust without attaching anything whatsoever to it. The best way to trust if you must trust is when there is no strings attached, you tend not to get hurt when such a person goes behind your back and betrays you.

  • Be Vulnerable


Vulnerability is letting go of the need to have to prove anything to anybody. Be brave and expect the possibility of getting hurt. What you know does not hurt you as much as when you are totally ignorant. Being vulnerable might take a lot of strength and courage because it’s like putting yourself out there and preparing for the worst but that is the only way to emotional freedom. Love is not love until it is vulnerable.

  • Learn Self-Respect


You need to learn to respect yourself first because as important as it is to respect other people, it is equally important to respect yourself. The moment you loose your self-respect, you loose your self-worth and then you give other people the opportunity to disrespect you. Its better to be alone than in a relationship that forces you to sacrifice your self-respect. Remember its better to let someone walk away from you than walk over you.

  • Learn To Support And Be Supported


Another thing you need to learn when it comes to love is how to support and do not do this in a selfish way. As much as you love to support people, you should also learn to take support because it is very important to accept support as it is to give support.

  • Let Go Of Your Fear


Fear is not something you willingly want to let go of, it is a constant struggle but you eventually would have to let it go. Most people live the whole of their lives in fear and it restricts them from doing a lot of things, fear places limitations on people. Fear however can mean two things; Forget everything and run OR face everything and rise, The choice is yours

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