On 29 October, Jeffrey Daniel led one of Soul’s biggest groups of all time
Shalamar in a reunion concert to a large audience of fans at the O2 arena
in London. Joining him were original member Howard Hewett and new member
Carolyn Griffey who is also the daughter of Shalamar’s creator Richard
Griffey. “We had a wonderful time,” says Jeffrey Daniel, “I enjoy doing my
thing on stage and it is always an honour to perform as part of Shalamar.”
At 17, Daniel, the smooth talking Nigerian Idol judge, was already lighting
up the dance floor with his brilliant moves on American TV’s Soul Train. He
soon joined dance partner Jody Watley and Howard Hewett to form the hugely
popular Soul group Shalamar. Shalamar went on to sell 25 million copies
worldwide releasing popular hits such as, ‘Night to Remember, I Can Make
You Feel Good, There It Is, Take it to The Bank, Make That Move, Friends,
For the Lover In You, Uptown Festival and others. Jeffrey Daniel left the
group to pursue a solo career as one of the highest profile choreographers
and dancers in the business and also as a creative consultant, singer,
writer and producer.

Jeffery Daniels on Stage

Adding a distinct Nigerian flavour Yeka Onka who is the first ever Nigerian
Idol, also performed at the prestigious event – wowing the audience with
her new single ‘Follow You’. “It was an amazing experience I cannot
forget,” she says. “Having to perform to a predominantly foreign crowd who
do not know you can be very challenging, I was very humbled that they
warmed up to me and my music.” Also performing was Timi Dakolo, winner of
West African Idol.

jeffery and the Shalamar soul group

Daniels explains the motivation behind featuring Nigerian musicians at a
high profile, predominantly foreign audience. “Nigerian music is blowing up
outside the country now, we can see major audiences in the US and Europe
open up to the new sound. We need more platforms where Nigerian music can
be heard, the Shalamar reunion was a good opportunity to express my support
for Nigerian music and as we can see, they loved them,” He said.
Daniels has since then returned to the set of the country’s biggest music
reality show, Nigerian Idol where he reprises as the judge focused on

jefferey Daniels and

jeffery and Carolyn Griffey

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  1. adesegun adekoya

    May you live long for supportin Nigerian artists. You are probably the most high profile individual pushing for Nigeria music to the international arena. I hope my African brothers can see something positive in your living in Nigeria. I have to say this; sometimes our people love to be negative when assessing a positive situation. If you Jeffrey can do for one Nigerian act what you almost single handedly did for Shalamar. That artist is certain to get record contract, something that has never happened to any Nigerian act. I know Jeffrey will show full commitment. I also know he can make things happen in the Uk, Japan and probably US. Goodluck Timi.


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