September 201442

Whenever a lot of fashion weeks start to blend into one another, then it is time for the new fashion season to start. From New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and now Zimbabwe Fashion Week – we have loved getting beauty trends as well as fashion trends for the new season.

With over 20 designers showcasing their new collections at the 2014 Zimbabwe Fashion week, we had several things to look forward to and we certainly were not disappointed. From emerging designers like Zimbabwean designer Raaah taking control of the runway and old-time designers like South African designer Thula Sindi showing why they own the fashion world; there was so much to absorb.

Our eyes were constantly roving the runway looking at the trends and to inspire you for the coming fashion season, we have put together 5 trends we loved and can be sure to see more of this season – on the runway, red carpet and magazine pages.


September 201439
We were not surprised to see the monochrome trend on the runway yet again (has it ever left?) as it is a look that shows sophistication in the most minimal way. Designers Leigh Schubert, Thula Sindi and Alpha Rose churned out several designs with the help of monochrome.

Shoulder Detail

September 201442
Quite a new trend on the runway, we were pleased to see that a few designers took the time, this season, to focus on the shoulders of their creations. There were exaggerated shoulders that gave the designs a cape-like feature that we loved. Designers Raaah, Natsai Mujuru and Coco Seed definitely knocked this one out of the park for us.

Menswear Inspiration

September 201440
Menswear inspiration has been big on the red carpet since last year, and now it seems that designers are introducing that element to their creations while also maintaining a hint of femininity with the use of colour and shape.

All That Glitters

September 201441
All that glitters is not gold, but in fashion all that glitters is gorgeous. There were shimmery, glittery and metallic elements in a few pieces that caught our eye. Not just because glitter is eye-catching, but also because the creations oozed glamour.


September 201438
Another tested and tried trend is the peplum trend, and while we were a bit disappointed to see peplum is still going to be a trend for another year, we couldn’t shake the fact that peplum really has an appeal that makes an outfit look FAB.

Will you be trying out any of these trends? Let us know how you plan to rock your look.

Photo Credit: Simon Deiner / SDR Photo

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