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5 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Skin For Women


There are so many tips out there on how to care for your skin and look/feel rejuvenated. The truth of the matter is simple – your skin is very important and at tell-tale sign of all that is going on with you. If you are stress, not eating well, not getting enough sleep and more, it shows on your skin.

This means that you can never get too much advice for how to take care of your skin. So consider these easy 5 tips on how to take care of your skin as your ultimate to-do list for healthier, more beautiful skin.


Double Up on Fruits and Vegetables: Eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables can give you a healthy, vital glow.

Wash Your Face Only Twice a Day: Most women wash their face three to four times a day but studies show that twice a day is optimal. The more you wash, the more likely you are to strip your skin of natural oils.

Show Your Décolletage Some TLC: The worst, most noticeable sun damage on women is on the chest. Any time you’re outside in a top that exposes your chest (which is probably more often than you realize), bring your sunscreen down to the bra line.

Sleep On Your Back: Only 14 percent of Americans sleep on their back—even though it’s the best way to prevent sleep wrinkles. Sleeping on the side or on the stomach (done by 63 percent and 16 percent of us, respectively) has been shown to cause wrinkles on the parts of the face pressed into the pillow

Visit A Dermatologist At Least Every Year: Dermatologists will likely pick up a skin cancer or abnormality at an early stage because of training,” Jackson says. And the earlier you catch skin cancer, the easier it is to cure


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