Lagos is a city that never sleeps and avoiding traffic in Lagos is like doing the impossible. It is over populated and this seems to be the reason why there is usually traffic jam everywhere. But We could help you find a way around that. These are Five tips on how to avoid traffic in Lagos.

*Drive Only Between 11pm and 4am


This leaves you as a mid-night crawler but that seems to be the only time that you don’t have so many people on the roads. Those who have businesses that the time frame favors can vouch for this. This sounds impossible but that’s the only time you get to move freely on the road so you may want to try it.

*Buy a Helicopter


Lagos traffic is unavoidable as long as you are stuck on the road. The only place you don’t experience traffic is on the air. So if you are buoyant enough buy a helicopter that can convey you from place to place at your own convenience. That’s the best way to roll without having to experience traffic.

*Become Governor

As a Governor, the risk of getting into so much traffic is minimal because you get to have orderly’s who go ahead and pave the way for you. So that’s another way to avoid traffic in Lagos. But sometimes, the traffic becomes unavoidable even as a Governor.

*Be a Witch

A Halloween witch flies across the face of the moon

Now that might sound really hilarious but it’s the truth. We once heard about a witch that was flying and hit high tension pole around Oshodi are of Lagos state, she fell down and changed into human. Who knows, maybe she was going to the market and there was so much traffic and she had to transform to her bird form to facilitate quick movement.

*Don’t Come To Lagos

Lagos is already over populated and so to avoid traffic is highly impossible. So if you don’t want to be in traffic, then you can choose another city BUT if you must be in Lagos then you must be prepared and live your everyday with that mindset.

If you are reading this article in traffic, then we are sure you can relate with this BUT if you are on your way out just brace up yourself for the traffic ahead of you. Lagos Our City, It’s the city for the strong and mighty.

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