Shopping is definitely a different experience for everyone, for the stereotypical “fun” girls its a wonderful experiences of retail therapy. For those of us who aren’t as “fun” (me included), it serves as a battle between you, the mall, and your credit/debit card. There isn’t a day I go shopping that one unpleasant issue doesn’t arises, whether its buyers remorse from an impulse purchase, or the unsatisfactions of not buying enough, or the classic case of “I only bought X number of clothes, where did all my money GO?!”

It becomes a bit overwhelming and the motivation for shopping to reinvent your style dies. So, I compiled a checklist to perhaps reduce the mental war one goes through when shopping.


Rule#1  Know your own size – There is nothing worse than walking around a shop looking around at different sizes and trying on numerous sizes. Its a time waster(plus,  from my perspective I start to become irritated  and loose interest in what I was looking for.)


Rule#2 Have an idea of what you want- It makes it so much more easier because your brain starts ogranising  priorities on what stores to go to e.g if you have a dinner party tonight and you want to look like one of the ladies from the latest Lanvin collection, your mind starts thinking dress friendly stores; Dorothy Perkins, Wallis etc.


Rule#3 Spend a greater portion of your budget on investment pieces- I cant shout this enough. The investment pieces are the foundation of your wardrobe and investment pieces are so versatile that can you wear them with anything, and in some cases together. So if your a guy or girl that enjoys wearing skinny jeans get yourself to that Levi’s sale because chances are that your going to wear that pair Xmillion times and you can guarantee, for that year, that pair of jeans will not fall your hand. *(for those of you who don’t know, investment pieces are those clothes that have longevity or clothes that are seasonless,  so a pair of black or denim jeans, a mac trench coat, the little black dress(LBD) and a crisp white button-down shirt)


Rule#4  Always try in on- I can tell you how many time I have bought trousers from the high-street with measurement saying “32s”(my size). Only to get home and find out that its too tight, and like some of these dodgy shops, the clothes are non refundable, leaving me with a really tight pair of trousers to soak garri with. It also allows you the benefit to styling it the way you want before buying it; fact. It was in the changing room of Primark that I realised if you roll the legs of their shorts a few times they can actually be really nice short shorts.


#Rule5 Ask yourself  “Am I really okay with this purchase?” Yes, I am talking about that little voice inside you asking you ” Do I really need this?”. If you have to ask yourself that question, chances are you can do without that purchase. I live on the philosophy that I would rather buy one thing that I really love than a number of things that are just ok. Those really special pieces become a staple to your style as well as enhancing your personal style, trust me, I know. I absolutely love sweater but I only pick the one that gives that excitement whenever I see it, and sometimes that could be a turtleneck hoody, that way I am still being true to my style but enhancing it in a different way.


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