First of all, a happy new month to everyone, may this month of August be better than all other months that have passed.

Now, even though it is the eighth month of year 2014 (the year has been so unreliably fast) and I have not kept to any of the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year, I am hoping that with a bright and sunny August I can re-affirm my resolutions and build a better resolve to actually getting around to these resolutions.

To be honest my resolutions are nothing out of the ordinary – but they are things that I could have done a long time ago. But better late than never right, so here are the 4 things I definitely have to achieve in this new month of August:

Save BetterPicking From The Money Tree

This is probably a common problem for us all but the past few months have been financially tasking with a lot of responsibilities and expectations from people. This month, as well as delivering on financial expectations, I hope to put some away for a rainy day (or a gorgeous pair of shoes that are splurge-worthy)

Laugh Bettergirl laughing

I have heard one too many times that I have lost my sense of humor recently. I have to get it back because if I don’t laugh at the things life throws at me how will I overcome them? Laughing better and more is one of the things I definitely have to achieve so bring on the jokes, bring on the comedy events and you will see me there.

Live Betterways-to-live-life

Nigeria is a hard country to live in and as much as I love my country there are days when I get home from work and all I want to do is fall on my bed and pass out. Weekends are just slightly better than weekdays as I have events to attend, friends to catch up with and a god niece to adore. One thing that I am going to resolve to do this August is to pace myself and live better. That will sure reduce my irritability and anger at the world.

Look BetterSport_Girl_Vector_Character_Preview_Preview_Big

I love good food and I love good wine but it seems like it is time to bend to peer pressure (sorry mother!) and join the fitness craze that has taken over the whole world. I used the past 7 months to wait for the trend to pass and here it still is so if I can’t beat them (and I can’t) I will join them. Here’s to dusting off my sneakers and digging out my workout wears.

Well those are my midyear resolutions, even though it is two months past mid-year, and I am hoping you have some resolutions as well. Share them with us below and let us know how you plan on making the best of a brand new month.

Happy New Month!!

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