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4 Simple Ways To Wear The Boyfriend/Distressed Jeans Trend


Denim has been in the fashion world forever and it seems the love for denim is not going anywhere any time soon either. Most recently people have been looking for new ways in which to revamp their denim look and while trends like double denim have been embraced, one particular trend that has sunk its teeth in the fashion industry is the distressed denim trend.

Basically distressed denim means you are going to a casual unkempt-yet-cool look with your jeans and the trend has been spreading like wildfire. When wearing distressed jeans people tend to let go of the skinnies and opt for looser and more baggy jeans, hence the term “boyfriend jeans” because it looks like something a guy would wear.

If you have been thinking of how best to hop on this trend then you will be happy to know that we have 4 simple ways and looks with which you can join the boyfriend/distressed jeans trend:


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