Have you ever purchased lingerie as a gift for your girlfriend or wife? If you’re nodding miserably, your girlfriend, fiancee or wife probably took one glance at the lavishly wrapped dental floss and exiled it to the bottom of her underwear drawer, never to be seen again.

You see the thing is, most men do not know how to shop for the right lingerie and to be fair we do not blame them, they are not the ones who will be wearing it and as such we need it to be sexy and comfortable, and they only need it to be sexy.

Nothing is worse than getting an unflattering leopard print corset or a scratchy pair of badly made undies. If you believe it’s the thought that counts, think again.

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That is why we have put together these 5 simple rules to help you choose the right lingerie:

Rule #1: Learn Her Size
It sounds obvious, but there are countless men who’ve splashed the cash for expensive lingerie only to end up buying the wrong size. This problem is easily avoided, however, if you simply take a peek in her underwear drawer to check her statistics – but remember to take note of the size of her pants AND her chest and cup size. More importantly, don’t fumble through her panties if there’s a chance of being caught red-handed, as explaining this away maybe problematic.

Rule #2: Know Her Style
While you’re raking around in her drawers, take a mental note of the kind of style she’s rocking at the moment. Unlike briefs or boxers, women’s underwear is a tricky affair, with certain styles worn depending on the occasion. Also, be aware of whether she prefers a sexy or laid back look. Crucially, pay particular attention to the type of bras she wears currently, as certain brands– whether it’s Victoria’s Secret, Agent Provocateuror M&S – will suit different figures and shapes.

Rule #3: Get the Colour Right
Getting the colour spot on can be difficult, but there are a couple of things you should bear in mind before you rush to the counter in a lingerie induced frenzy. First, try to find underwear in her favourite colour, but remember certain shades will reveal more than others. Secondly, you’re trying to keep it sophisticated, so opt for colours designed to seduce and promote confidence, rather than shopping for a skimpy piece that leaves her uncomfortably exposed.

Rule #4: Stay Classy
Although exceptionally racy lingerie is certain to get your engine started; it’s not a great idea to buy it as a gift for your girl. She’s not a stripper, so you should be thinking classy not slutty, which is why it’s best to stick to luxurious fabrics such as silk, satin and lace. Also, don’t go too far the other way by purchasing something hideously utilitarian, as it’s a gift that, essentially, you both need to like.

Finally, once you’ve made your choice, be sure to have it beautifully wrapped and packaged, as handing over a plastic bag crammed full of expensive lingerie is a sure-fire way to pour water over the flames of romance.



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