Now that fashion month is over, designers and industry insiders will retreat to some fancy island to reboot and recharge, leaving the industry to be a very dull and boring place. That is, until October when they come back to start working on the pre-fall and fall season.










Calming down from all that excitement, I found this photo which shows 36 ways a woman can tie her head scarf. I thought it was quite fun, not only because it gives you something to do on a boring Sunday afternoon when NEPA has taken light (or should I say PHCN), but it’s also a nice way of enhancing your wardrobe for the coming spring, given all the tribal prints we have been seeing this past month. Just don’t wear it to the office the next Monday if you want your boss to take to seriously.





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  1. Alex


    Please indicate the source : lifestyle bloggers

    Glad you like it 🙂




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