A 35-year-old Nigerian man died in the early hours of Saturday morning, 28 March, after drinking heavily and collapsing in a swimming pool at a James Bond-themed orgy in the affluent village of Radlett in Hertfordshire.

According to reports, the sex party was only just getting started when the man drowned in the swimming pool of the £3million eight-bedroom property. More than 10 other guests around the pool, and six in the water at the time, said they thought the man was messing around as he splashed in the 16m pool.


The 35-year-old was unconscious when he was pulled out of the pool but efforts to save him failed. The man was a new guest to the Radlett Adult Parties, whose weekend events are run by businessman Richard Stanley and Janet Harrison.

A post mortem examination will be held this week following a police investigation.

Radlett Adult Parties, which hosts £50-per-person swingers parties, was also the setting of our The Cool Issue editorial “The House Lust and Envy Built”.






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