Today’s weather forecast with a few fashion tips to see you through.








Lagos, Nigeria.

Temperature: Early morning – 25°C – Very cloudy.

Midday – 26°C – Very cloudy

Night – 24°C – Storm

Fashion verdict: Great weather to begin with but there is the threat of rain as the day progresses. An umbrella should never be too far from reach. Otherwise, a jacket, light clothing and fitting shoes should be kosher for the day.


Accra, Ghana. 

Temperature: Early morning – 25°C – Isolated Storms.

Midday – 28°C – Isolated Storms.

Night – 24°C – Isolated Storms.

Fashion verdict: Isolated storms for most the day. Let’s hope they’re not congregated where you’re at. Set out prepared with a waterproof coat, with added jacket underneath to withstand the wind. The temperature’s decent so don’t dress too thick. We’re all for keeping dry here.


Nairobi, Kenya.  

Temperature: Early morning – 18°C –  Very cloudy.

Midday – 26°C -Very cloudy.

Night – 15°C – Mostly Cloudy.

Fashion verdict: With a minimal threat of rain, you’re good to go. The temperature gets better as the day progresses so dress light. A night jacket is ideal for a night out.


Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Temperature: Early morning – 7°C – Sunny.

Midday – 15°C – Sunny.

Night – 4°C – Clear.

Fashion verdict: With a slightly chilly morning, a cardigan and/or a scarf seems handy. As things brighten up, you can get rid of excess baggage and engage with the sunny weather. At night however, you might need to pile it all back on to tackle that chill.


Cairo, Egypt.

Temperature: Early morning – 31°C – Sunny.

Midday – 37°C – Sunny.

Night – 28°C – Clear.

Fashion verdict: Enviable weather here – more of a ‘what not to wear’ issue. The sun’s out, skip work and head to the beach instead. Lay off the speedos though.





London, UK.

Temperature: Early morning – 15°C – Partially Cloudy.

Midday – 32°C – Partially Cloudy.

Night – 24°C – Fair.

Fashion verdict: Dress warm but light enough to feel comfortable both indoors and out. A scarf and a jacket won’t go amiss.


Liverpool, UK. 

Temperature: Early morning – 14°C – Rain Storms.

Midday – 17°C – Rain Storms.

Night – 13°C – Rain Storms.

Fashion verdict: See above.


Milton Keynes, UK. 

Temperature: Early morning – 13°C – Cloudy.

Midday –  18°C – Cloudy.

Night – 10°C  – Cloudy.

Fashion verdict: Cardigans, thick socks, scarves and hats: bring them all out, match them all up and put them all on. Now head out and be somebody!


Manchester, UK. 

Temperature: Early morning – 12°C – Thunder Storms.

Midday –  14°C – Thunder Storms.

Night – 11°C  – Thunder Storms.

Fashion verdict: Pyjamas/ oversized t-shirts, night caps, thick woolly stockings: keep them on and stay in bed. School’s out today.


Birmingham, UK. 

Temperature: Early morning – 14°C – Partially Cloudy.

Midday –  19°C –  Partially Cloudy.

Night – 11°C  – Mostly Cloudy.

Fashion verdict: Layer a jacket above a jumper above a t-shirt or button up, for a smart or casual look. Throw in a scarf that compliments and comfortable shoes to walk in. You’re good to go. These would most likely be apt for most of the day.





Boston, USA. 

Temperature: Early morning – 20°C – Very Cloudy.

Midday –  27°C –  Thunder Storms.

Night – 17°C  – Thunder Storms.

Fashion: See Egypt. Envy it.


Los Angeles, USA.

Temperature: Early morning – 21°C – Sunny.

Midday –  26°C –  Sunny.

Night – 18°C  – Clear.

Fashion verdict: You’re all in the Sunny and Clear, LA. Does it ever rain in LA? I want to see all of you sexy and chic. You have no reason not to be. Shades and fedoras, hair tied back, mesh vests on, shorts hanging loosely above Chuck Taylors, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts with rolled up sleeves etc. If you’re from the hood, stick to baggy jeans and oversized throwback jerseys or get shot in the face.


Mexico City, USA. 

Temperature: Early morning – 16°C -Partially Cloudy.

Midday –  24°C –   Thunder Storms.

Night – 14°C  – Very Cloudy.

Fashion verdict: The weather’s on the come up for Mexico City, yesterday’s was just appalling. Today isn’t as wet but still don’t leave home without an umbrella, or a warm jacket. If you’re not fashionably dressed by midday, it’s okay, take shelter in a fashionable building. That should even things out.


Miami, USA.

Temperature: Early morning – 25°C – Partially Cloudy.

Midday –  29°C  –  Thunder Storms.

Night – 24°C  – Very Cloudy.

Fashion verdict: See above.


New York, USA. 

Temperature: Early morning – 27°C – Isolated Storms.

Midday –  33°C –   Isolated Storms.

Night – 25°C  – Mostly Cloudy.

Fashion verdict: No wayfarers today, my dear hipsters. Join the rest of the world in our drenched misery. All’s not too bad though – the storms are isolated so they may not be where you are. In the event, the temperature’s good enough to dress light and still look cool, most likely from midday onwards. Pack a jacket just in case.

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