Being born with a physical defect isn’t such a bad thing. Many of the world’s beautiful and talented stars have their own flaws like being born with three or more nipples, 11 or more fingers and the list goes on. If you thought the celebrities you admire came flawless then you probably need to get in here and have a rethink. These celebrities are humans and they too can have defects like regular people. But they never let such deformity limit them from attaining fame just maybe these deformities influenced their decisions to pursue careers that would make them stand out from the crowd even more. Take a look at some of Hollywood Celebs with body deformities.

*Gemma Arterton


The beautiful Bond girl was born with a physical defect that could have earned her a role in an X-Men movie, She was born with an extra finger on each hand. This condition is called polydactyly and it runs in her family. It affects about one in a thousand children, guess this makes her special.The extra fingers are harmless when left alone but doctors have a way of taking it out. Gemma had hers removed when she was born leaving just small scars.

*Megan Fox


Gemma isn’t the only stunning star who was born with unique hands. This beauty has squat thumbs that resembles big toes, it is commonly referred to as clubbed thumbs and the clinical name is brachydactyly type D. The big thumbs to many takes away from her looks. Both of her thumbs are short and have a very wide nail, though they are perfectly functional. She once showed it off during ‘Tonight’ show.

*Kate Bosworth


This blonde beauty suffers from a physical defect that’s actually pretty awesome, her eyes are different colors. We do think she has one of the best flaws. The condition known as heterochromia left Kate with a right eye that is hazel/honey brown and a left eye that is blue. It also gave the model/actress one of the most interesting faces to plaster on the front of magazine covers. She most times wear contacts to cover it but has recently built to courage to showcase her beautiful defect.

*Karolina Kurkova


We know that lingerie models are required to look more Barbie-doll like than average women, but that might be the case for Victoria secrets model Karolina as her body has no belly button.Her missing belly button came as a result of a surgery she had when she was a baby. It was reported that she had an umbilical hernia and she had to fix it through the operation. Her body however is perfect in every other way and she has always had a belly button Photoshopped into photos in which she models for.



Ke$ha calls her fans “animals,” so it seems kind of fitting that she was born with a tail. According to the singer, she was born with a tiny tail that was about quarter an inch. That’s pretty weird and its a rare case of deformity in the human body. She however had the tail chopped off through a surgery.

*Kate Hudson


Photographs have shown that this beautiful and well-liked actress has a sixth toe on one foot making it 11 altogether. Obviously, she can keep it under wraps with the right pair of shoes, but when she goes out in flip flops or sandals, it becomes obvious. The extra toe comes after her pinkie toe. This is a more common type of deformity because Halle Berry has a similar condition that has been caught in photographs. They could easily hide these deformity if they choose to but in most cases they do want to show it off in flip flops. That’s what we call confidence.

*Ashton Kutcher


Ashton is one of the best looking actors in Hollywood, but that doesn’t make him perfect. He once told BBC that he has webbed/connected toes.  He is not one that hides this deformity and is not afraid to rock it as he has often times told people and even showed it off. This condition is called syndactyl and it is usually common.

*Mila Kunis


Ashton Kutcher’s fiancé also has a body deformity. Mila has mismatched eyes but she wasn’t born that way. The stunning star has a brown eye and a green eye, one of her eyes changed colors because of a condition known as chronic iritis. This condition left her blind in one eye for years and she suffered a cataract before finally having a surgery to save her sight. Thank God for surgeries. We still think the mismatched eyes is one of the prettiest deformity though.

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