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Big Brother Africa countdown begins, following the unfortunate fire incidence that razed the old house and caused them to postpone this season. This season of Big brother Africa starts on Sunday the 5th of October and here we are wishing to see some African hotshots in the house. If these people make it to the house, they probably would be more fun and you just might not want to miss out on any episode and we would tell you why.

yvonne nelson
Yes won’t you just love to see this delectable Ghanaian actress showcase herself on the big brother screen? Well we would love to see how she would carry along with her daily activities. We would love to see how her everyday life would go and definitely we would love to see those sexy legs.

Ghanaian actor John Dumelo is the person that would turn the big brother house into a place of fun and merriment. With his very funny and jovial character,we guess that would just be another Melvin. We loved Melvin and sure would love John. Imagine being placed alongside his supposed best friend Yvonne for 90days. Just maybe they would move from the friend zones and become lovers.

Iyanya is Nigeria’s music act that is so good at showing off his body. Some even say he is more skilled at that than his music. Ladies certainly would want to watch his shower hour. You may also want to watch him move his waist like he does in his videos. Remember he was once linked with Yvonne some years back when He did a song with her name. Imagine being in the house for 90days with John and Iyanya, would Yvonne get back with Iyanya or would she find new love in her best friend. That can’t be answered because they are not in the house.

Genevieve Nnaji is one top shot in Nollywood. And trust us we would have loved to see what else she gets up to. She has been a little up tight and with cameras on her 24/7 for 90days, we would love to know if she would loosen up or she would just be on her own. That’s why we really wish she would just be in the Big Brother house.

vera sidika
Vera Sidika is the Kenyan vixen that is being referred to as African Kim K. Yes with a very stunning body we would have loved to see who she would get all loved up with in the house and how she would put that hot body on display.we know the guys would also love to watch her shower hour.

Cameroonian Singer Dencia who is more popular for her skin care brand Whitenicious than her music career would have been one great personality to place in the Big Brother house. Dencia who is pompous and self-important probably might not have a good time mixing up with people or maybe she would. But we can’t be the judge of how well she would carry herself because she is not a part of this season of Big Brother.

Our very own Suliya Kan also is one of those we would love to watch carry out her daily activities for 90days in the Big Brother house. Jennifa as she is fondly called would crack you up all day and don’t blame her for making you pee in your panties. We would have loved to have a little bit of comedy in the house to calm nerves down when things get heightened.

Denrele is a very popular name in the Nigeria entertainment industry. He is recognised more for his dress styles and for being hyperactive. Denrele can get really super active and we would have loved to find out if that’s how his everyday life goes or he actually does it for the screens. Plus we would also love to know if he wears female underwear too.

Omo baba olowo himself would not be a wrong choice for the Big Brother house. While some say he is very arrogant and proud, others say he is charming and very down to earth. But it’s only the cameras that can tell. 90days would have been able to expose his true character.

Wizkid is a Nigerian pop star artist that has been around for a while now. So many people know him for being very playful and jovial. But when placed in the same house with his Rival Davido, would he be able to keep his calm?

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