Barcelona has joined the long list of world capitals such as New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, London and Amsterdam to host an African fashion week with Africa Fashion Week Barcelona scheduled for 13-15th of June.

initiated by SOS Africa, the fashion week is organised with the goal to promote African designers from around the world. The fashion week will consists of fashion shows, exhibitions and expositions from African designers. With this event, the organization intends to add Barcelona to the major cities that contribute to African fashion. Thus far, London and New York have been actively holding events to promote African fashion, due to the large African communities that are present in those cities.

Africa Fashion week Barcelona will be held on 13, 14, and 15th of June at the Palau Robert at 107, Gracia Avenue and in the Hotell Gallery at 249, Rosello Street, 08008 Barcelona Spain. For more information visit their website or email to:

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