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Marriage takes a whole lot to make it work. The pleasure is not in getting married it is in staying married. Marriage is a sacred thing and once we find ourselves in it we should do a lot to make it work, Do all you can to get desired results. More efforts are required from the woman because she is expected to be very understanding. Wives here are a list of things we have come up with as tips to make your marriage last even longer. We are not saying by doing all these then you can throw caution to the wind, there are mere tips but they do work.

*Do not criticize or belittle your husband in public

Many people think criticizing brings out the best in your man, we are not saying it doesn’t work all we are saying is do not do it in public. If you must criticize him do it in private. Your husbands Ego is fragile and criticizing him in public is like bruising his ego.

*Do not starve him sexually

Most women like to think that starving their husbands sexually is a way to punish him when he does something wrong.  Madam it is wise for you to know that an hungry man is an angry man. When you starve him, he would get angry and just might look for the next available restaurant where he can get food. I guess you know what that means, he might have to get sex elsewhere. Never withhold sex as a means of punishment.

*Be your husbands best friend

Knowing what best friends do is actually what would define this point. Best friends stick together in times of good and bad. They stick together like bread and butter. Ladies be your husbands ride or die. Take interest in what he does for fun, do karaoke with him, play his best games with him, support his favorite football team and you can even gossip with him. Guys like to pretend they hate gossip but they would never hate it when it’s with you.

*Do not your relationship with your children above your relationship with your husband

We understand a lot of women want to be so close to their children but don’t forget that your husband has always been there even before your children came into the picture. That doesn’t mean you should stop being a mother to them but remember to always be a wife because that’s what you were before becoming a mother.

*Complement your husband and commend his efforts

It may interest you to know that men are like children and want to always get that special treatment, they want to feel they belong. When you commend them, they tend to do more which shows in your relationship as it enhances growth in your relationship. You can remind him of how adorable he is, how cute he has always been and how much of a support system he is to you. Seize every given opportunity to appreciate your man, be his biggest cheerleader

*Make His sexual needs a priority

The emphasis of sex in a marital relationship cannot be over emphasized. This is the second time we are talking about sex because it is a very important factor. A healthy sexual relationship is equal to a healthy marriage. Strive to get better at it with each passing day. Give your husband a reason to wear a bright smile in the morning.

*Communicate and share ideas with your husband

So many people are fond of using the silent treatment . You don’t know how disgusting this can be until you take a walk in that shoes. Silent treatment is so immature and its an horrible way to pass a message across.  When anything goes wrong as it would, share your problems remember a problem shared is a problem solved. Remember also to always share ideas with your husband. Men are always glad when they can provide a solution to a problem, share your business ideas with them because they always want to feel smart.

*Take note of your physical appearance

Most guys are suckers for good and fabulous dress sense. We can tell you a couple of guys just simply adore a girls dress sense and it grows into love, Men are visually stimulated. Some guys would tell you not to bother but dearies you should. Do not mistake this for exposing body parts because we would not b held responsible when your marriage crashes, just be simple and classy. Remember less is more.

*Forgive at all times

Remember that scripture that emphasizes forgiving ahead, that’s what you need to apply when dealing with your husband. Bear it in mind that he would always make mistakes and that for every mistake he makes, you have forgiven him already. When you said for better for worse, you should be able to deal with every worse situations. forgive him for as many times as he offends you and even more.

*Be your husband’s ‘Porn Star’

This has nothing to do with becoming a porn star. It just has to do with the attitude attached to sex.  The issue of sex has been overly stressed in the success of a marital life. Some women believe that since the children have come into the picture then sex has become a closed chapter, it is a very wrong perception. Wear sexy lingerie, give him soft kisses for breakfast, romantic text messages for lunch and see how he would run home for the best sex as dinner.  Show him so much love, he is yours and nobody can love him better except you. There would be no need to ever see a marriage counselor if you do the right things.  Thank us later.

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