What you fail to do in times of your youth, you probably would leave the rest of your life regretting your actions. You don’t want be live a life of regrets so we took out time to compile a list of things to be done before your youthful age comes to an end.

*Party Hard

Not to mince words, your youthful age is the time to attend all the parties you wish to and can attend. You can’t miss out on this. Partying hard comes with the age, it comes with youthful exuberance. When you become older, you just might not be able to attend all the parties and even when you do, there is always a limit. You won’t be able to move your body to all the party jams too. Don’t miss out on all the available parties, rock your youthful age dearies.

*Travel/ Explore Countries

When you find the chance to, explore as many countries as you can because life is too short to do boring things. Visit tourist centers, discover new things so you have enough experience to share with your children. When you are not buoyant enough to travel out of the country there are some states you can also visit within your own country. Some interesting Tourist places you can visit are Bahamas, Dubai, France, Caribbean Island, South Africa, Nigeria etc.

*Appreciate Yourself

So many people spend their youth age unhappy abouyt their looks.  No one would love you better so the moment you start appreciating yourself the better for you. You first need to love yourself before anybody can love you.  Take a look at the mirror and appreciate the beauty in yourself because nobody would ever love you better than You.

*Get Out Of A Bad Relationship

Do not spend your youthful age sobbing in a bad relationship. No one gets out of a bad relationship and tries to look back. Do not wait until your old age to do things right, if a relationship brings you more pain than happiness then it’s time to take a step and look ahead of you, something better might just be around the corner. Life is too short to be unhappy.

*Learn To Cook A Special Meal

Not everyone knows how to cook and some who know how to cook, have perfected a particular meal over time. That’s exactly the point. They say Jack of all trade, master of none. Be skilled but be more skilled in one area. Everyone has that one meal that they cook so very well. Do not let gender roles limit you, whether male or female it is wise to perfect a specific meal that you can boldly come out to say you are the best at.

*Spend Time On Fitness

Fitness should always cross your mind if you are still in the youthful age. You need to exercise at every opportunity and stay fit. When you spend your youth age exercising, at old age you would be stronger and better than those who spent their youthful age just sitting on a couch and wishing they could.

*Take A Big Risk (Especially in Love)

Love is a very crucial thing and so is taking the risk too. Whether small or big, life is all about taking risks. It is inevitable especially in love, but just take the risk and hope that the best comes out of it and if it doesn’t, you have taken the risk. Your youthful age is the time to take all the risk so do not make it end without taking that risk, you never know it might just turn out well at the end.

*Make Mistakes And Stand Up For Yourself

This is closely related to taking risks. In a situation where you take the risk and it doesn’t work out as planned then that’s a mistake. But a mistake is not the end of life. Never be afraid to make mistakes because you would get to a stage in your life where you are not allowed to make mistakes and at that point, society would condemn you. Do not wait until that time, make mistakes now and get it right later. Life is too short to fake perfection, make mistakes and stand up for yourself later.

*Quit A Terrible Job

A terrible job is as good as hell. Do not spend your youthful age in hell. You my not have so many needs at this point but before you realize it tables would turn. You would need to start paying bills and enough responsibilities would fall on your shoulder. Make a plan now to improve situations in your life. If your job is that terrible, you may need to just quit and move ahead.

*Finish What You Start

Everything that has a beginning surely has an end. Do not start something in your youthful age and wait until you are old to complete it. The youthful age is like a phase and you cannot carry over whatever you started in that phase to the next phase of your life. You have to finish whatever you started and progress into the next phase.

We age not by holding on to youth but by letting ourselves grow and embracing whatever youthful parts remain- Keith Richards


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